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3D Visuals

Every year Breast Cancer Now hosts an event branded as 'The Show'. The event sees 24 models, each with their own experiences of breast cancer, and has them walk the catwalk. It is an amazing event that puts the people in the spotlight, and not their cancer.


In 2023, we hosted the event at the Science Museum, London. The location inspired the introduction of 3D visuals to the brand's toolkit for the first time ever. Seeing 3D models depicting cancer cells inspired the every-evolving amorphic shapes - an abstracted view of cancer.


Lift Entrance Screen

The first thing that guests saw was the lift-screen, a floor to ceiling LED display. Due to it's location, I established this needed to encorporate the company branding so that people knew they were in the right place, and serve as a wayfinding tool to guide them through to the event space. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the corporate sponsors.  


Scene Setters

4 screens along the catwalk showed 5 scene-setters for the 5 scenes of the catwalk, introducing the theme of the featured outfits. 


The scene setters would be accompanied by music, and would work to set the tone and build anticipation for the scene that was about to occur. 


A countdown scene was added to direct people to their seats. The piece aimed to build excitement, slowly revealing more and more of the cellular-morphing world occurring in the dark. The crescendo was a brilliant white flash followed by a reveal of The Show's logo

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