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In my role as motion designer, I am regularly having to quickly understand a subject matter to then convey this to our audience. This would always begin with a meeting with the client, followed by a period of ideation. Ideas would be curated into a storyboard, allowing the client to understand the intent. Once this is agreed, I will move into styleboarding to determine aesthetics, before building the final animation. 

Health information & explainer content

Public Health Animation

The Public Health Animation is a beginner's guide to breast cancer covering a mulitude of questions a person might have if they, or relative, were diagnosed with breast cancer. 

This piece has now been translated into 17 other languages. 


Ideas often start on paper, responding freely to the information in the script. Here I can establish the core elements to be visualised and begin to consider how the viewer may flow from one section to another. 



Once the client is happy with the storyboard, I will progress to styleboarding. This gives a better impression of how the final animation might look. This is where I will consider company branding and develop a visual toolkit for the animation.

Moving Forward Course

Moving Forward connects people who are trying to live past a breast cancer diagnosis. Through online sessions and face-to-face support groups, people are able to join a community of people going through similar experiences


MF_Initial Storyboard-10.png
MF_Initial Storyboard-07.png


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