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Social Ads & Content

As the main platform for reaching our audience, a lot of the work I do is optimised to be shared across all of our charity's social channels. Content is designed so that it is easily adaptable for different aspect ratios.

5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

A breast cancer diagnosis can leave people feeling anxious, alone and scared. This piece aimed to reach these people, empower them, and inform them that the Breast Cancer Now helpline is just a call away. 

The piece was made for 1:1, 9:16 and 16:9


The 5 ways to reduce anxiety were provided, leaving me to devise an engaging social post that would then direct people to the information on the charity website. The piece brought the house illustration style to life for the very first time and used the breathing shape of the background and SFX to create a soothing tone to the piece. 



'Touch, Look, Check' is a rolling campaign for the charity urging women (and men) to know their normal and check their breasts regularly. 

This ad was for the T.L.C booklet that can be ordered via the charity website, and needed to display its content. This implemented some 2.5D animation to create the 3D-looking booklet.

Touch Look Check booklet Ad

The piece went out across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter



Christmas DIY campaign

Another rolling campaign at Breast Cancer Now is the 'Do It Yourself' campaign. This encourages people to support the charity by setting up their own fundraisers based on their own hobbies and interests

This campaign went out over all of our social media channels over Christmas 2022, and so needed to be adjusted to work across multiple formats. The paper-cut aesthetic for the campaign was my idea as it needed a quick turn around with limited available assets. 

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